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Carly Dyer and Waltz With Me
Dr. Hendricks and Quinn receiving chiropractic care
2015 Foal with Pepto Bismol mustache
2015 Colt‚ C Note Partnership
Josie Roselle and her "bff" Moon
Chapman Performance Horses
Michelle Chapman and Hellena Chex
Brittany Fellows and Kate
Ellie Disselkoen and Bart
Dani Buhler and Kirby
Ruben Guardiola
Brittany Fellows and Spoiler
Nicole Taylor and Kitty & Tea Pot
Lazy Heart E
Carol Ellis
Lazy Heart E
Carol Ellis
Lucky Star Equine Training & Management
Vanessa & Janice Volker and ’Lil Tricky
Colbie and her holiday spirit
Clay Adams and Gizmo (dog) & Cowgirl
Jill Rexford and Twister
Michelle Chapman and Rose
Dave Graybill and Bailey
Dani Buhler and Bailey
Megan Grieve and Kola & River
Maggie owned by Linda Ghent

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