Block and Bridle Veterinary Service
Give your horse the best possible start from birth 
Block & Bridle Veterinary Service provides a wide variety of reproductive assistance. Effective management of the breeding process from conception to postnatal care are important to ensure reproductive success.
Broodmare Management
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Ultrasonography- monitor estrus cycle, ovulation confirmation, fetal heart beat detection, fetal sexing, placental health
  • Uterine Biopsy and Culture
  • Uterine Infection Management
  • Twin Management
Appropriate neonatal and postnatal care of the mare and foal are crucial to the well-being of both.

Neonatal and Postnatal Care
  • New Foal and Mare Examination- foal IgG concentration, physical exminations
  • Post-Foaling Placental Examination
  • Retained Placenta Management
  • Premature/ Dysmature/ Immature Foal Management
  • Flexural and Contractural Deformity Management
Please call immediately if your mare is in active labor and has not progressed in the foaling process in 20 minutes!

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