Block and Bridle Veterinary Service
Leah Ouellette
Leah Ouelette has been a member of Block and Bridle Veterinary Service since February 2018.  As a veterinary assistant, Leah aids Drs. Gaddis and Hendricks with a wide range of appointments.  From small animal surgeries to equine lameness exams, Leah ensures that your visit to Block and Bridle is not only timely, but enjoyable. 
Since 2010, Leah has been involved in the veterinary community as an assistant.  As a veterinary assistant at Colorado State University and at multiple northern Colorado veterinary clinics, Leah has gained a wealth of knowledge to aid her in patient care.  Leah enjoys caring for all animals, from cows and llamas to dogs and horses.  Leah takes pride in ensuring that every patient is treated like family, with respect and compassion.  We understand that your time is valuable; Leah will help assure that your appointment at Block and Bridle is as efficient and effective as possible.
When not facilitating patient care at Block and Bridle, Leah spends much of her free time with horses, cows, or both if she's lucky.  Most weekends, Leah can be found at a gymkhana, ranch sort, or roping.  Originally from Arvada, Leah is a local Coloradoan through and through.  She shares her home in Briggsdale with her husband, 4 horses, 3 dogs, and 2 cats.