Block and Bridle Veterinary Service

Block and Bridle Veterinary Service offers superior quality and compassionate care for you and your horses.
At Block and Bridle Veterinary Service, we offer a wide variety of services to help maintain the health of your horse.  In addition to equine medicine, reproduction and surgery, Block and Bridle specializes in equine lameness and dentistry.
24 hour on-call emergency service
   Preventive medicine is the cornerstone of good health.  From vaccine and deworming protocols to annual wellness exams, Block and Bridle Veterinary Service will help keep your horse in tip-top shape.

   Despite aggressive preventive care, elective surgeries are often unavoidable.  Block and Bridle Veterinary Service adheres to strict sterilization procedures to ensure the health of your horse during all procedures.  If necessary, general anesthesia can be performed; anesthesia is administered and monitored by a veterinarian for your horse's safety.

   Annual care of your horse's teeth are of the utmost importance.  Proper dental care will ensure that your horse is able to fully digest food, thus reducing subsequent feed costs.  Dental abnormalities such as wave mouth, malocclusion and fractured or loose teeth should be addressed early to prevent additional complications.

   Ensuring that your horse is pain-free is essential for consistent, quality performance.  Lameness issues often manifest as reluctance to perform, head tossing or overt gain abnormalities.  Maintaining your horse's joint and muscle health will ensure that you have optimum riding success and enjoyment.
Pre-Purchase Examination

   Buying a horse is a big investment.  Make sure that you have all of the facts before buying your next horse.  A thorough lameness exam and evaluation of all body systems helps ensure that you buy the horse that best fits your needs.  All pre-purchase exam findings are confidential and only shared with the seller at the request of the potential buyer.

   Medical care from pre-conception to post-foaling is important for any well-managed breeding program.  From fertility enhancing health care to artificial insemination and foaling care, Block and Bridle Veterinary Service can help tailor a breeding program for your specific needs.

   An emergency involving your horse can be extremely frightening.  Block and Bridle Veterinary Service offers 24-hour emergency service in the event that your horse experiences an emergency.  It is important to keep your horse as calm as possible in an emergency situation to prevent further injury.  Always consult with the veterinarian before administering any medications or treatments.
   With the goal of optimizing health and mobility, Block and Bridle offers full service animal chiropractic care.  This alternative therapy uses direct hand contact to correct subluxations and restore proper bony alignment.  By maintaining adequate nerve function to the entire body, chiropractic care can not only improve motion but maintain and improve health.  Through chiropractic care, we can help your animal, big or small, live a long, healthy life.  Animal chiropractic care should only be provided by a licensed veterinarian or a licensed human chiropractor with additional training.  Both Dr's. Gaddis and Hendricks have completed hundreds of hours of in-depth training and are certified by the IVCA and AVCA, respectively.
   Block and Bridle offers full service medical acupuncture to promote overall wellness and health.  Medical acupuncture involves insertion of fine, sterile needles into specific areas on the patient's body.  These specific areas of discomfort and dysfunction are located by performing a myofascial exam prior to inserting any needles.  As with animal chiropractic care, it is important that those providing your animals with medical acupuncture be properly trained and certified.  Dr. Gaddis has completed nearly 200 hours of training and is certified in medical acupuncture for veterinarians.